What To Expect From Your Talend Consultant

As internet usage continues to grow, so does the generation of raw data. Businesses need to process this raw data into useable structured data, so they can extract insight to guide their enterprise strategy. Without a unified, integrated IT infrastructure, data processing will become more complicated due to growing service quality demands and an increased number of data sources.

Talend is an industry-leading cloud data integration platform, which provides modernized extract, transform, and load (ETL) processing for data warehouses. The platform has more than 900+ connectors so you can integrate popular cloud platforms and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications into a unified data management dashboard. In their magic quadrant for data integration 2019, IT research and advisory company Gartner described Talend as a visionary leader.

You may be interested in using Talend but lack the internal expertise to implement the platform. That’s why Trianz has partnered with Talend to provide data integration consulting services for its platform. Now, what should you expect from a Talend consultant?

Talend Consulting Services

The Talend platform comes with a vast range of integrations and features for data warehousing, but not all of them will apply to your business model. Even so, here are some services you should expect from your Talend consultant:

Architecting and Installing on Your Network

Before you start using Talend, you must first ensure that your IT infrastructure is platform-ready. Your Talend consultant should help you perform a comprehensive assessment of your existing IT infrastructure, building a roadmap for change that you will undergo during the integration of the platform.

  • Infrastructure Ready – You need to make sure that your hosting servers, and virtual desktop infrastructures or desktop/laptop (FAT) clients meet Talend’s system requirements.

  • Application and Database Server System Requirements - As a minimum, your application server will need 8GB RAM, 10GB of disk space, and a quad-core 2GHz processor. The database server will require a minimum of 20GB disk space, with the same processing requirements as the application server. These requirements are for in-house servers, so ask your consultant if you would like to use Talend in the cloud as these system requirements will be higher.

Implementation Services

Talend has a range of solutions to meet your data needs on their platform. Your consultant can help you determine which features are needed to accomplish your data objectives.

These features include:

  • Talend Big Data Management and Data Quality – These modules include a range of design and productivity tools, and integrations with Apache Spark, Databricks, Qubole, AWS, Azure, Snowflake, and NoSQL. It is designed to manage big data environments and includes automated data quality processing to increase insight validity.

  • Integrate Your Applications with Talend ESB – You can integrate internal and third-party vendor software packages with Talend Enterprise Service Bus (ESB). ESB allows you to holistically integrate applications and data management, which is perfect for heterogeneous IT environments.

  • Talend Master Data Management (MDM) – Talend MDM offers a unified view of your data sources in real time so that you can maintain business agility through insightful 360-degree views of your data records.

Version Upgrades and Business Continuity

Your consultant should offer a plan of action for updating the Talend platform, so you have access to the latest features and security patches on offer.

For business continuity, ask your consultant to assess the business-critical aspects of your Talend implementation, so you have a plan for quick remediation in the face of system outages.

Business-Wide Platform Education

You can benefit from platform education services that enable your workforce to maximize the value of Talend during everyday use. This could come in the form of end-user documentation, or on-premise group tuition.

Discover the Value of Talend with Trianz

Trianz is a leading data integration consulting firm, with decades of experience helping our clients to minimize risk and maximize value extraction with their data processing. We have partnered with Talend to deliver expert consulting services, so you can leapfrog the competition and take advantage of the cloud-native functionality on their platform.

Get in touch with our data integration consulting team and start building a tailor-made data warehousing infrastructure with Trianz today.

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