Trianz rated #1 among services providers they engage with by a vast majority of our clients in the 2018 Annual Client Satisfaction Survey.

Our client satisfaction is ensured by an independent assurance function responsible for monitoring our engagements -- from proposals to service delivery. Throughout this process, our assurance confirms clarity in objectives and value proposition, guides teams in establishing delivery and outcome KPIs, engages in ensuring communications to clients, and deals with escalations.

We measure client satisfaction through our value proposition -- Business Impact, Execution Predictability, and Relationship Experience -- both in absolute and competitive terms. Our client satisfaction scores in 2018 were:

  • Business impact: Over 89% of clients rated our focus and business impact delivery as being superior to other firms they engage with
  • Predictability of execution: Over 96% of clients rated us as their #1 partner for the predictability of execution as measured in timely delivery and minimal surprises
  • Commitment to client success: 100% of clients said we bring a level of commitment to their success, openness and transparency that is superior to other firms
  • Relationship experience: Client and Trianz teams enjoy our partnerships. Over 93% of our clients engaged us for repeat business, and over 80% of them referred us to other clients

In addition, over 90% of our engagements were delivered on time and within budget -- with zero schedule and/ or budgetary change requests made of clients.