Tableau Data Visualization

TableauAnalytics is the name of the game when it comes to gaining a pan-organization view of resources and data, their extent of utilization, and gaining actionable insights from them. Most importantly, analytics is the key to making reliable business decisions faster.

Tableau provides an enterprise-scale business analytics platform with self-service capabilities. The business intelligence (BI)-focused interactive data visualization software empowers enterprises to analyze, forecast and publish intuitive reports that enable quick and informed decision making.

Tableau partners with leading technology companies in the data and analytics industry. Tableau’s data visualization expertise, in combination with its partners’ solutions/ tools, helps clients collect, store, transform and connect to critical data. From databases and ETL, to predictive analytics and more -- Tableau’s extensive partner network makes deriving maximum value from analytics investments possible.

Trianz partners with Tableau to help clients leverage the platform to explore, analyze and visualize their data and gain insights; securely access information across web and mobile; share, collaborate and govern data at scale.

  • ETL and data visualization
  • Self-service business analytics
  • Dashboard development
  • Data enrichment
  • BI solutions