Back in 2006, when AWS first launched, the cloud represented a paradigm shift in enterprise computing. Compared to on-prem, it offered numerous benefits, including lower operating expenditure (OpEx) costs, elastic scaling and a reduced administrative load for IT departments. Now, a new paradigm shift has emerged in the form of Software-as-a- Service (SaaS), which has expanded rapidly over the last few years.

Our experts have been at the forefront of this cloud evolution, working to build knowledge and expertise to simplify your SaaS management.

SaaS platform implementation benefits

SaaS simplifies the implementation and configuration of enterprise software applications in the cloud. Where traditional applications require device setup, application installation and ongoing management, SaaS applications can accelerate the pace by managing all this on your behalf.

The benefits of implementing a SaaS platform include:

  • Reduced time to benefit – With traditional applications, it takes time to set up the hosting server, target devices and manage them in the long-term. This increases the latency between implementation and return on investment (ROI), which can negatively affect cash flow as you wait to realize the benefits.

    SaaS allows you to quickly benefit from your software applications, reducing the time spent configuring and managing individual apps for your IT department. SaaS also reduces your capital expenditure (CapEx) with a monthly or quarterly billing cycle that is categorized as OpEx. In short, SaaS allows you to spend less and easily take advantage from your enterprise applications.

  • Managed software updates – With a traditional application, each software update would require you to take the service offline, patch and then bring it back online. This can disrupt short-term business continuity and dissuade the IT staff from keeping up with updates due to the increased workload.

    With SaaS, most services are hosted by the provider as a web application using their own hardware. This completely negates the need for application updates as the provider can deliver these over the air (OTA) at the click of a button without any perceptible downtime for users.

SaaS implementation services from Trianz

Trianz is a leading SaaS implementation specialist that has helped hundreds of our clients to leverage the benefits of the evolving cloud software delivery industry. We have also partnered with numerous SaaS platforms such as the Implementation Consulting Partnership with Salesforce and a Premier Partnership with ServiceNow.

We offer a range of SaaS implementation services, including:

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) – Before you implement SaaS into your IT operations, you need to prepare your infrastructure and workforce. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) covers your IT operating model, related business processes and architectural design to assess your preparedness for SaaS.

    Our experts can perform ERP for your business to help you improve infrastructure visibility and effectively plan IT budgets. ERP solutions function optimally when referencing a centralized database, also known as a single source of truth (SSOT). This central reference point will benefit reporting and planning as you have a unified overview of your network.

  • Proof of Concept (PoC) – Even with months of research and internal assessment, some applications would clearly not meet business needs after implementation. The problem is that the application has already been implemented and the money has already been spent on licensing. This financial waste will end up giving your digital transformation a negative ROI, dissuading key stakeholders from greenlighting any further developments.

    By testing your applications before committing to a purchase, you can avoid this financial waste. Luckily, unlike traditional applications, SaaS has a low entry cost that allows enterprises to test applications and determine whether they are suitable without requiring a massive upfront investment.

  • SaaS integration – The most significant benefit of SaaS is also its biggest drawback. SaaS models allow you to quickly provision applications without spending time on development and configuration. For this reason, it can be tempting to keep adding to your software stack to further increase the available functionality to your business. In reality, this massively increases the complexity of IT service management (ITSM) in the cloud, which can offset the benefits of SaaS.

    Our experts are experienced in integrating SaaS applications into complex heterogeneous cloud environments. By leveraging our proprietary platform, our consultants can deliver seamless integration of numerous ISV applications for a 360-degree overview of your enterprise software stack.

Simplify SaaS with Trianz

The cloud is evolving, with the SaaS market in the cloud estimated to reach $140 billion by 2022, as per Gartner. By leveraging as-a-service models, you can omit the need for infrastructure management or the configuration and distribution of device-native applications.

Our experts can help you implement any SaaS platform, so you can start reaping the benefits of managed software services in the cloud. Get started today by contacting our team.

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