Client Overview

A financial services company, known for its commitment to exceptional customer service and innovation, sought to revolutionize its contact center operations. Facing the challenges of managing high call volumes while ensuring personalized customer interactions, the company aimed to leverage technology to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of its live call agents performance and post-call information and documentation processing.

Business Challenge

The firm's contact center faced several challenges, including inefficiencies in handling customer inquiries, difficulties in understanding customer sentiment during calls, and a time-consuming post-call information and documentation processing . These challenges hindered the company’s ability to deliver personalized customer experiences and operate with optimal efficiency.

Trianz Solution Approach

Partnering with Trianz, the firm embarked on integrating Generative AI (GenAI) solutions powered by AWS to address these challenges head-on. The proposed solution / use case focused on two main areas:

  • Live Call Agent Enablement:

    • Real-time Translations and Transcriptions: Leveraging AWS services, the system provided instant translations and transcriptions during calls, enabling agents to understand and serve customers in multiple languages effectively.

    • Sentiment Analysis and Behavioral Cues: GenAI tools analyzed customer sentiment and behavior in real-time, allowing agents to adjust their approach dynamically for a more personalized interaction.

    • Intelligent Recommendations: Based on the ongoing conversation, customer history, and sentiment, agents received real-time prompts on products, solutions, or responses likely to meet customer needs and enhance satisfaction.

  • Post-Call Enablement:

    • Call Summarization: Automatic summarization of call transcripts, highlighting key points and action items, significantly reduced manual documentation efforts.

    • Customer Email Preparation: GenAI-generated draft emails based on call summaries and historical data expedited follow-up communications, ensuring consistency and accuracy.

    • Sentiment Analysis and Reporting: Comprehensive sentiment analysis of calls, combined with insights from historical interactions, informed continuous improvement in service strategies and agent training.

Technology Components

The solution utilized a wide range of AWS technologies, including Amazon Transcribe for real-time transcriptions, Amazon Translate for instant language translation, Amazon Comprehend for sentiment analysis, and custom GenAI models for intelligent recommendations and content generation, all seamlessly integrated within the compamy’s existing contact center infrastructure.

Transformational Outcomes

  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Real-time GenAI capabilities enabled personalized, efficient, and linguistically inclusive customer interactions, significantly improving customer satisfaction.

  • Increased Operational Efficiency: Automation of post-call documentation and follow-ups allowed agents to focus more on customer interaction rather than administrative tasks, increasing overall call handling capacity.

  • Data-Driven Insights: Sentiment analysis and behavioral insights informed strategic decisions around service offerings, agent training, and customer engagement strategies, fostering a culture of continuous improvement.


The financial services company’s partnership with Trianz to integrate GenAI solutions within its contact center operations resulted in a paradigm shift in how customer interactions were managed and analyzed. By leveraging the power of AWS-powered GenAI, the company not only achieved operational efficiencies, but also elevated the customer service experience to new heights, setting a new benchmark in the financial services industry for customer engagement and support.

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