The Perils of SaaS Denial

Software as a Service (SaaS) denial is exactly what it sounds like: enterprises thinking infrastructure technology services, network infrastructure services, or global infrastructure services are all that matters while letting SaaS fall to the wayside. Perhaps your IT department, IT service management consulting group, or IT service management consultant was ambitious at the beginning and incorporated such popular services as Office 365 or AWS. Then other aspects of the business took hold, and while building from the ground up, outsourcing software elements seemed like less of a priority and IT service management solutions were never seriously considered.

As a result, your whole IT infrastructure and organization can suffer:

  • Security risks
  • Integration problems
  • Fragmentation
  • Service delivery concerns

In reality, you need SaaS IT service management solutions that span several departments or at least elevate a single business unit, all the while managed by your IT staff or IT service management consultant.

How Trianz Can Help

As experts in IT service management consulting, Trianz implements SaaS strategies with our Core Technology Platforms and IT service management companies: ServiceNow, IBM Service Management, BMC’s Remedy service management, and AppDyanamics’ business and application performance management. ServiceNow and Remedy are robust tools for managing tasks and incidents within your organization that allow a lot of interdepartmental communication. IBM and AppDynamics are beneficial as well with their world-class IT tools and applications. Beyond our key partners, we of course can help implement such common and popular applications as Salesforce, Zendesk, Adobe Creative Cloud, and their competitors.

More Advantages

SaaS can add an extra layer of security as its applications typically allow for additional encryption options. All data at rest and in transit can now benefit from boosted security as projects and workflows pass through your SaaS applications. What more, when you take a more integrative, big picture approach with your SaaS implementation and not just infrastructure technology services, there will be less organizational gaps that lead to security risks. If you only implement SaaS here and there without relevant IT oversight and management, things like access controls and password requirements can go unmanaged accidentally. Out of sight, out of mind.

Being in SaaS denial can also lead to integration problems. Again, its implementation needs to be taken seriously by your I&O management team and relevant staff. Legacy systems, competing applications, and sloppy security mean when you do finally implement SaaS, you may experience a perfect storm of variables that could potentially cripple your organization because you were more focused on things like infrastructure technology services, network infrastructure services, or global infrastructure services.

You need to consider:

  1. proper access controls
  2. how legacy systems and their data interact with your new systems
  3. whether purchasing that new application for your business will be a boon or bust

After all, applications in your environment will most likely need to be able to talk with one another.

Don’t be a victim of self-imposed SaaS denial. Let Trianz do the heavy lifting of IT service management consulting with our partner IT service management companies. Don’t just focus on network infrastructure services and global infrastructure services. We are an IBM Silver Partner with over a decade long partnership deploying over 300 ITSM integrations with Fortune 1000 clients. Our ServiceNow Consulting Service will set you on the road to lean and rapid engagement of their platform. Trianz has over 75 skilled BMC professionals worldwide to consult with you in streamlining your incident response with Remedy. With our expertise and partnership with world-class service management companies, Trianz can elevate your business beyond any existing SaaS denial that currently resides within your organization. This will allow for a seamless, secure, and integrative SaaS deployment in your environment.

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