United, Trianz is Beating COVID-19

Employee, community well-being and business continuity front and center as we deal with the global pandemic.

With the COVID-19 crisis showing no signs of slowing down, we continue to stay committed to our clients, vendors and partners by working round-the-clock to deliver solutions and observing social distancing in hopes to flatten the curve. The health and safety of our employees and our communities is paramount to us and we are making a conscious effort to contribute to the social and economic initiatives taken to help those who are affected by the pandemic. “The Trianz Cares” fund is one such initiative. We are also constantly monitoring the evolving situation and following guidance from the World Health Organization (WHO) as well as regional health experts.

Being a data-driven company that helps enterprises transition to the digital age with most of our own business on the cloud, we were better prepared for the big crisis. So, when the COVID-19 struck, we were ready for the battle!

Digital first

Leveraging a data-driven approach throughout, our services are designed to enable the digital transformation from strategy to operations, encompassing digital technologies – Cloud & Infrastructure, Analytics, Biz Apps & Automation, Digital Studios, and Security. We don’t just deliver scalable solutions through IP driven technology delivery and Managed Services platforms but our 100% robust digital workplace infrastructure and mobile-enabled business apps, backed by agile and collaboration-driven workforce equipped with the right tools and technologies enable continuous/uninterrupted business and IT operations. Even our knowledge assets like trainings and learning programs led by the Trianz University are 100% digital. In essence, we just leveraged all our digital solutions together to quickly get our business move forward.

Responding to COVID-19

Keeping a track of the developments happening globally, we have been proactive in initiating our Business Continuity Plan weeks in advance before local governments started lockdowns to control the spread of the virus. The priority was to equip all our associates to work remotely without disruptions with access to all the remote working collaborative tools and platforms. And as the lockdowns begun, we were ready!

Here are the specifics of a few steps we have initiated in response to the ongoing crisis.

Our clients

Our clients rely on our services to support and enable their business operations. All our associates (100%) have been extending 100% support on all client engagements and continue to be their best. We are using remote services and smart hands (where our experts advise local staff how to troubleshoot) wherever possible. We also enable our teams to support the clients for on-site issues, if any, without interrupting their operations and complying with the local government directives all along.

We keep our clients updated on the status of the business, how we are enabling the continuity of their specific engagements and the precautions we are taking to ensure the safety of our employees to mitigate risks, through frequent email communications. To ensure our business stays unaffected in order to provide continuous services, we are strictly adhering to the recommended best practices from federal and state authorities, and devising priorities as per the changing guidelines.

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There’s no “playbook” for leadership when the stakes are high, and there’s certainly no playbook for what to do in a global pandemic. And yet, in the wake of COVID-19, Trianz leadership not just quickly anticipated the need for remote working for all employees three weeks in advance before the quarantines and lockdowns but has been on the frontlines – bringing the team together to assess the impact, ensure alignment on plans, priorities, and contingencies; and asking the associates how they and their families feel, to help ensure everyone is tapping into their emotional intelligence to lead and manage in the right ways - in every town hall and virtual connect.

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IT & Cybersecurity Strategy

We have increased our IT capacity to enable our employees globally to work remotely. We have further adopted a multi-pronged strategy to IT & cybersecurity:

  • Procured laptops and data cards in advance to make sure all our associates are work from home enabled.

  • Developed a centralized, integrated, round-the-clock and comprehensive endpoint security protection, monitoring and management system to shield all our IT resources—Infrastructure, data assets, business processes, software, and operations—that has kept our business and workforce functioning at peak form.

  • Sending regular communications on phishing, malware and remote working cybersecurity guidelines via intranet, poster campaigns and emails to our employees.

  • Actively running phishing simulations to assess and address risks related to user awareness and help augment user preparedness to combat cyber threats.

  • Enabled encryption to protect confidentiality and data privacy as well as running regular patch updates across our assets to protect from the ransomware etc.

  • Take proactive measures to plug the gaps and keep our data secure by sharing tool-specific usage and security guidelines with our associates.

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Health and well-being of our employees are the key in this situation. We have taken a range of actions on this front, starting with the launch of “Beat COVID-19” campaign. As part of this, we have developed a dedicated microsite that is continuously updated with the latest trends and updates on the evolving situation and its impact. Also, we empower our associates to make the right choice by sharing government information such as apps to track COVID-19 cases, list of COVID-19 centers and labs, etc.

We have also launched a weekly “IamOK” survey that gauges employees’ well-being. We have empaneled healthcare practitioners to enable free video consultation for our associates if required. A Coronavirus helpdesk operating 24*5, and consultation tie-ups with local hospitals have been in place for over two months now. The queries and suggestions from the associates in the survey are addressed by the leadership team on a regular basis.

The mental health and well-being of our employees is equally important to us. We understand that cooped up at home the entire time can be taxing. So, to keep up their spirits, we have enabled virtual coffee connects with teams to promote social time and bonding. Their exemplary team spirit is all evident with the proactive remote project collaboration.

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Work from home enablement

As shelter-in-place orders and social distancing measures remain critical to flattening the curve, we have taken proactive measures to prepare our associates for the new normal ahead. All our associates - right from the entire leadership team to managers and leads - are completely equipped and trained to work from home without disruptions with access to all the remote working devices and resources.

We have leveraged a mix of collaborative tools and video platforms to ensure that our teams stay connected. There are proper SOP mechanisms in place for daily/ weekly project and team-level connects, so we can continue to offer 100% support to all our clients, partners and vendors. Specific communication plans are initiated to enable the leadership as well as managers interact with their teams within groups as well as one-on-one. We have moved rapidly to onboard our new employees virtually; new employees are turning on laptops for virtual intros, getting up to speed on collaborative tools, and taking remote inductions on company policies.

We have also deployed technology for workplace training and certifications—from video conferencing to virtual whiteboards— with employees using it to learn, collaborate and share knowledge. There is also a round-the-clock support from IT, HR and Admin teams, so our associates can continue to work uninterrupted without spending too much time on other support-related stuff. Employee engagement is on top of our minds and we organize frequent hackathons, tool-naming/blog writing contests and fun activities such as art and craft contests to get their creative juices flowing.

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In compliance with the global guidelines, we were proactive in immediately restricting all global, non-critical business travel weeks in advance. We have postponed or canceled our participation in events and conferences. For our own customer and partner events, we have reimagined in-person events as digital experiences. We are also complying with domestic travel restrictions aligned to the local authority guidance to further minimize exposure.

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Caring for our community

The safety of our communities in which we live, and work is important to us. We have stepped up to the plate by coming up with a series of measures to help the healthcare workers, the poor and the needy sections of the society in all our global locations. As a starting point, we have launched a fund-raising drive, “The Trianz Cares” fund, where the organization will match contribution from its associates. We have also created a charitable trust to enable all our philanthropic activities, with #BeatCOVID to be the first campaign. As a start, we will offer food supplies to the most affected and medical equipment to care providers and health workers at the hospitals.

At a global level, we are listening to the community needs, acknowledging the vulnerability of specific communities, tapping into local structures, and ensuring the consent of the local government and community. We stay committed to play our part in not just combating the crisis in hand but also drive a meaningful and systemic change in the future to other social impact areas that contribute to community health and well-being.

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Beat COVID-19

We have been able to navigate the COVID-19 crisis comfortably until now with proactive employee safety and business continuity measures. And our numbers vouch for us:


of our employees are safe.

Frequent health check-ins of our employees through surveys and other measures



We have extended every support possible to keep everyone safe, which is reflected in our Family Health figure


in green

Frequent health check-ins of our employees through surveys and other measures

Our excellent response on the delivery assurance & reporting front - 100% on time, every week.


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