One challenge most enterprises face throughout yearly budgeting and revenue cycles is justifying further investment in something they cannot necessarily always quantify, such as Business Intelligence processes, Data Warehousing and Big Data strategies. But when there is a perception gap between analysts, who are in the trenches, and the executive management team regarding the actual effectiveness of your current BI approach, don’t just kick the tires. Instead, look under the hood with the Trianz Assessment Service.

Trianz Assessment is the ideal starting point to make the business case for boosting your current strategy to enterprise executives and getting back on track. It allows an impartial view of your internal operations by accurately measuring whether your BI, DW or Big Data investment is paying off or wasting resources. It also provides a comparative analysis by evaluating what competing firms are doing. Specifically, your assessment includes a review of your firm’s:

  • Vision/ Strategy
  • Governance
  • Organization
  • Business Goals
  • Data
  • Technical Architecture

Trianz has helped countless clients realign their investment goals and priorities to create successful BI, DW, or Big Data projects and infrastructures, and Trianz Assessment gets it all rolling. Let Trianz help you understand which components are going according to plan, why your organization simply has not realized the return on investment, and how your practices compare to those organizations that are realizing their expected returns.

Building Blocks

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