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Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) has brought the business world to a standstill with uncertainties and risks rising with each passing day. However, this disruption can be used by businesses of all sizes to reassess their disruption preparedness and accelerate their digital transformation efforts. 

In our report on COVID Proof IT Operations, we provided data-driven perspectives on enabling an elastic, resilient and secure digital work environment. We also provided the capabilities and approach of digital champions - the most successful companies with respect to their IT operations readiness to a pandemic and business continuity during COVID-19. These digital champions stand tall in this disruption because they map all or known risks preemptively and maintain business continuity with minimal disruption to customers while ensuring security and privacy compliance. You can do the same!

We are now pleased to offer a two-week assessment at no cost to our clients to benchmark their IT and security operations against the global data. The report will provide insights on your current state and help you plan your priorities. This requires about one hour of your time to respond to the survey.

Assessment Process


Survey Respondents Identification

  • Identify respondents for the survey – tailored to COVID-proof IT operations


Data Collection

  • Collection of data leveraging a quick survey with simple questions to understand COVID readiness across multiple areas of IT operations (30 questions; about 1 hour)



  • Assessment of data received; benchmarking against the data collected from companies worldwide (company names are not revealed)

  • Raw insights


Benchmarking Report Generation

  • Preview of draft company specific benchmarking report summary to key stakeholders

  • Prioritization discussions


Report Walkthrough

  • Final report submission and walk through for a team selected by the leader / sponsor

Benchmarking Process: 2 Weeks from Data Collection Survey to Report
Your Time Investment: 1 hour or less for Data Collection

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