Turn Your Data into Valuable Insights

Data has rapidly become the most valuable commodity in the digitalized sphere. Organizations looking to capitalize on this value use business intelligence to turn raw data into actionable insights. While business intelligence services were once just a useful addition, they have rapidly become an essential part of core business strategy.

The average business is generating, purchasing, and gathering vast amounts of data at any one time. Everything from supply chain management, customer information, sales, marketing, and finance has a significant data stream. Business intelligence solution providers exist to construct solutions for collecting, managing, and analyzing all these streams and more to create insights that can be used to build strategies and action plans well into the future.

Trianz business intelligence reporting tools are industry-leading in their ability to turn raw data into actionable intelligence. Our dashboard solutions provide a top-level view of your organization, allowing you to drill down and interrogate data at a granular level to find the real story underneath.

Tailored BI Solutions

The idea that there are legitimate one-size-fits-all solutions to good business intelligence is a dangerous myth. Trying to find a package that solves all your needs is a challenge that requires detailed knowledge and years of practical experience.

Business intelligence consulting services come in every shape and size, and different companies often embrace different definitions of business intelligence. Blending the key pieces of every style of implementation is an art that needs your shared insight as much as our data expertise.

Common requirements of a business intelligence solution include access to:

  • Advanced data analytics

  • Predictive analytics solutions

  • Data mining tools

  • Real-time business Intelligence

  • Mobile business intelligence

  • Statistical analysis

Most often, our knowledge and experience in BI consulting is brought in to create solutions that deliver BI tools to every shareholder and leader active in the business. Whereas data mining and data interrogation were operations once performed manually by data scientists, our solutions provide insights that rarely require even detailed technical knowledge in the field.

Dashboard Insights

The Trianz BI dashboard has the power to revolutionize the way you think about business. Providing key indicators and metrics, dashboard tools create performance scorecards and points totals that help your teams make sense of complex data points accurately and efficiently.

Visualization tools are often key in extracting insights from data. Tools that enable you to see what is happening among complex, murky data sets enable you to make decisions about where your business is at and where you want it to go in the future.

Smartphone tools bring business intelligence services to the mobile market. Demand for data tools that enable management in an ever more connected world has soared in the last decade. Smart mobile BI architecture can be the difference between being efficient with your time and being out of the loop entirely.

Bringing the capabilities of the cloud to mobile business intelligence, our platforms compete with traditional BI methods in a more effective form factor. All the features of the dashboard such as real-time analytics and deep-dive tools are available on a mobile-first platform.

Intelligent Data Decisions

Trianz is an industry-leading firm in business intelligence consulting. Our solutions have helped hundreds of businesses to extract the maximum possible value from their own sets of data.

Using our expertise in business intelligence, analytics, data, and related fields, we construct tailored solutions that work for your business alone. When working with your organization’s most valuable commodity, out-of-the-box IT will not get the job done.

Get in touch today to find out what steps you can take to glean much more from your organization’s data.

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