Fortify business value with 360° security orchestration

Digitalization is perhaps best described as a coin. Heads – it radically and completely transforms enterprises. Tails – it exposes organizations to an unprecedented volume and variety of attacks. The latter, the flip side so to say, has increased mandates for rapid responses to internal and external security threats. Managed security services are being sought like never before in view of their criticality for business success.

Trianz offers a wide range of services to protect the full scope of corporate value throughout your organization. We take a 360°, top-down approach to security operations objectives, processes, and controls with our Security Operations Center (SOC) services. Our SOC services enable business leaders and security experts to assess, design, implement and manage security operations. Trianz’ Security Operations team helps establish effective controls around the organization so your data, brand and reputation are not compromised – ever.

As a result, the advantages you experience when you partner with Trianz include:

  • Vulnerability remediation, mean time to resolution minimization
  • Repeatable triage and analysis processes
  • Secure, centralized SOC system
  • Security objectives aligned to business
  • 360° data protection
  • 360° security operations

Orchestrating the transformation with Trianz

Most managed security firms follow the now-routine steps of helping businesses identify and eradicate threats through timely analytics and remediation routines.

Trianz, an industry acknowledged managed security provider, takes lessening-the-impact-of-security incidents a notch higher by ensuring critical operations are secured with response workflows, patching, control automation, security incident management, SIEM, perimeter security, compliance tools, and more.

As a managed security company committed to execution excellence, Trianz understands just how vital even small errors in judgment or faulty network access permissions can be when it comes to data privacy and compliance violations. Reason why we advise and enable business leaders to invest in people, processes and technologies to lessen the impact of security incidents.

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