Sri Manchala is the Chairman & CEO of Trianz. Sri carries more than 25 years of experience in strategy and operations. Sri's personal passion for execution began early in his career. After high school, Sri joined the National Defense Academy in India and later graduated from the Indian Military Academy as an officer in the Indian Army. He served in various parts of India in units of the Infantry and the Parachute Regiment-Special Forces.

Joining the industry in 1994, Sri had a short stint at Asian Paints, India's largest paints and chemicals manufacturer. He then worked with KPMG Consulting in the Silicon Valley office in the firm's high-technology consulting practice. Subsequently, Sri joined Cisco Systems at the company's headquarters in the Information Technology division. As a member of the team, Sri oversaw the implementation of key business and technology initiatives in the services division during a period of rapid growth at Cisco.

Sri founded Trianz during a time of radical change driven by remarkable technology breakthroughs and industry change. From the early stages of Trianz, Sri has carried over his passion and military learning in successful execution. Along with a strong leadership team, he has focused Trianz on the central theme of delivering execution success as seen by top-management in client organizations. Under his guidance, Trianz has and continues to develop unique perspectives, techniques and methods centered around the mantra of "excellence in execution". Today, Trianz serves business and technology leaders from emerging companies to Fortune 1000 organizations globally, ensuring client success in the form of business impact and a differentiated relationship experience.

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