As enterprises move to the cloud, their top priority must be security. This is due to regulations like GDPR, CCPA and PCI-DSS, where your reputation and finances are on the firing line. Such regulations have mandated fines for enterprises that suffer a security breach. The result - your customers will be heavily dissuaded from using your services. This problem is further exacerbated by the new skills and competencies the cloud demands, where misconfiguration can lead to disaster.

At Trianz, we have helped hundreds of Fortune 1000 companies to make a move to the cloud. Our experts emphasize the importance of cybersecurity at all stages of consultation, building secure solutions that drive business growth for our clients. With our cloud security strategy services, your enterprise can focus on delivering better customer experiences—with the reassurance that your data is safe.

Cloud security strategy benefits

When moving to the cloud, you have an excellent opportunity to build a secure IT foundation for your business. A cloud security strategy can also be applied to enterprises that are already in the cloud, further bolstering their existing network.

Some benefits of a cloud security strategy include:

  • Compliance management and corporate governance – With a cloud security strategy, two points of contention are compliance and governance. By categorizing, labeling and restricting access to your datasets, you can know where, what and who is accessing your data. This will allow you to comply with data protection regulations and govern access to sensitive information.

  • Disaster recovery – When you think of security, the first image that comes to mind is a lock and key. A secure perimeter prevents attackers from accessing your network, but you still need to deal with internalized threats. Data loss can be devastating for any business, and automated disaster recovery in the cloud prevents this loss through replication. With multiple copies of your data on hand, all it takes is one click of a button to restore your services.

Trianz’s cloud security strategy services

Trianz is a leading cloud security strategy and implementation provider that has helped hundreds of enterprises to secure their cloud infrastructure. Our experts can step in at any stage of your digital evolution to advise on and implement a cloud security strategy for your business.

We offer a range of cloud security strategy services, including:

  • Layered security – With the cloud, there are numerous points of entry that you will need to secure. A layered approach to cybersecurity can cover all bases and prevent intruders from accessing or intercepting your data.

    Our experts will create a layered cybersecurity plan for your business, covering infrastructure, networking and people. We perform maintenance and audits on your endpoints, ensuring they are fully updated and secured for your staff. These endpoints could then be routed through a VPN to protect data-in-transit. Only certain employees will have security clearance to access sensitive personally identifiable information (PII) and identity access management (IAM) can govern this access to prevent data breaches.

  • Cloud provider vetting process – Cloud security should be your top priority, but you need to be sure that your hosting provider is reliable. Without proper service level agreements in place and reassurance through SOC-auditing procedures, you cannot be certain that the provider is the right choice from a security standpoint.

    Trianz has partnered with Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure; our experts have competencies on several other hosting platforms, too. Our broad experience in the cloud allows us to advise you on the optimal platform for your business model. It may be that you need to segregate your PII datasets or host them in a demilitarized zone (DMZ) in the cloud. Either way, our experts have spent years learning about the cloud and know the right solution for your business.

  • Multi and hybrid cloud security – While a single cloud provider can offer a broad range of functionalities, some may be missed or found to be of a lower standard than competitors. By selecting multiple hosting providers, you can take full advantage of the best-in-breed solutions in the cloud.

    Our experts have experience in working with heterogeneous computing environments and understand the added complexity of managing multiple services at once. We developed to overcome this problem, offering a centralized, platform-agnostic IT operations management (ITOM) dashboard. This allows you to orchestrate infrastructure, applications and networking across all cloud platforms.

Secure your cloud with Trianz

The cloud offers many benefits, but those can quickly fall to the wayside if you forget about security. The trust and reassurance offered by a comprehensive cloud security strategy will be appreciated by your B2B partners and help you attract new customers.

Don’t sacrifice your reputation—get in touch with our experts and start building your cloud security strategy today!

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