Next-generation 360-Degree view of customers across your company

Designed for business users and data stewards, MDM – Customer 360 is a master data-fueled application built on top of Informatica MDM, the industry’s only end-to-end data management platform. It combines data quality, data integration, data governance, business process management, and data-as-a-service in a single solution delivered in your own IT environment or the cloud.

MDM – Customer 360 pulls together the data your marketing, sales, service, and other teams need about customers’ preferences, products, households, channels, and relationships. It centralizes the availability and management of data that’s currently fragmented across your company’s departmental, line of business, and regional applications, enabling your company to move from being application-centric to customer-centric.

You can also use MDM – Customer 360 to fuel your business and analytical applications with clean, consistent, and connected information. Employees benefit from a single, actionable, next-generation 360-degree view of customers and a centralized trusted application to onboard, manage, explore, and share business-critical customer data.


Onboard customers centrally: MDM – Customer 360 features a configurable business process-driven workflow for company-wide collaboration. Streamline and standardize how new customer records are created across regions, functions, and business units while eliminating duplicate, incomplete, and inaccurate records. When onboarding new customers, automatically search, verify, validate, match, merge, and enrich customer information through role-based dashboards for a more efficient process to capture, review, and approve new records.

Share the data securely: Fuel your business and analytical applications with trusted customer information, including marketing, Salesforce automation, customer service applications, customer relationship management systems, invoicing, shipping, and other systems. With clean, consistent, and connected customer information, your teams have the information they need for a single customer view in the applications they rely on.

Manage customer information strategically: Consolidate business-critical customer data from across your company and strategically manage it using the full capabilities of Informatica MDM. Reduce the amount of bad data throughout your company and create a single, actionable, 360-degree view of customers. Connect the data to build a view of the relationships between your customers and their households, their preferred locations and channels, their products, and their preferences. Improve organizational collaboration and stewardship when managing customer information across lines of business, functions, and regions.

Build more complete customer records: Leverage Informatica’s Data as a Service Contact Data Verification products (address, e-mail, and phone) and Data Enrichment Offerings to supplement customer information both at the time of entry and on an ongoing basis. Improve customer profiles and manage hierarchies by easily adding customer data from third-party providers, including Dun & Bradstreet, Acxiom, or Experian, and industry-specific content providers across life sciences, healthcare, and other industries. Insight into social media data can reveal insights into opinions and create a more complete view of the customer.

Engage with customers more relevantly: Configurable, role-based dashboards enable teams to easily understand, plan, and engage with customers. They have the context they need to deliver a differentiated customer experience through a trusted customer profile without having to access multiple systems. A business-centric view displays the customer’s contact information, status, products, relationships, preference, and if available, the next best action to take. Product information can be pulled into the dashboard through integration with Informatica MDM – Product 360, including images and details about the products and services owned by customers.


  • Build trusted customer profiles

  • Onboard customers centrally with guided workflows

  • Manage customer information strategically

  • Identify and explore customer relationships visually

  • Share data with applications and employees securely

  • Engage customers more relevantly

  • Accelerate time-to-value by working with an expert partner on strategy and execution

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Our collaboration with Trianz has been exceptional with conspicuous benefits. The platform now effectively manages customer reference data, while addressing data accuracy and quality issues.


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Trianz has not only helped us reap manifold business benefits, but has also bolstered our relationship with our customers. Ongoing support is a bonus!


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