Prospect/ customer 360 is a solution that captures all online information on a prospect available externally and internally, analyzes with a rules eng

  • Trianz automates the last mile in Prospecting and Pipeline Management.

  • Create PRIORITIZED contacts, opportunities and ACTIONS in CRM.


A centralized data lake that combines data from internal and external sources, publishes data marts in an analytics consumable format

  • A Business Rules Engine (BRE) to qualify prospects and compute the net promoter score based on various parameters

  • A intelligent data lake application for self-service and ad-hoc exploratory analysis

  • A automation layer to propagate analytical results to Marketing and CRM applications


  • Improved effectiveness in marketing outcomes measured by greater number of conversions from visitors to customers

  • Automation of functions for sales representatives by presenting a ranked list of leads for follow up

Our Success Stories


Our collaboration with Trianz has been exceptional with conspicuous benefits. The platform now effectively manages customer reference data, while addressing data accuracy and quality issues.


Large Insurance Company

Trianz has not only helped us reap manifold business benefits, but has also bolstered our relationship with our customers. Ongoing support is a bonus!


Property And Casualty Insurance Major

Our partnership with Trianz has proved to be an astute decision. From designing and developing a solution to migrate volumes of historical data to creating anauditable, unified, scalable platform, Trianz has consistently demonstrated in-depth knowledge and expertise.

Director of Information & Data Management

Large Property And Casualty Insurance Company In US

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