Our managed services streamline your IT operations management (ITOM) through automation, orchestration tools and cloud-agnostic integration platforms.

Leverage our IT operations managed service to enhance visibility into your infrastructure and service operations

Well-managed enterprise IT operations are a vital part of maintaining service delivery quality and solidifying IT infrastructure’s value against business objectives. On the contrary, mismanaged IT operations will have a detrimental impact on your business —weakening network security, reducing resilience during peak demand and diminishing the perceptible quality of services for the end-users.

Our approach

Trianz offers comprehensive IT operations managed service, offloading time-consuming maintenance workloads from your IT department to our expert consulting team. To orchestrate your digital evolution, we have developed our own proprietary ITOM platform called Concierto.Cloud. This platform allows us to provide our clients with a unified and holistic 360-degree view of their IT operations—to improve network visibility and reduce the burden associated with IT operations management workloads.

We also have a close partnership with the industry-leading ServiceNow platform. Our Premier status with ServiceNow means we can help you implement a strategic approach to IT operations management, with the backing of a cloud-native SaaS integration platform.

IT operations managed service benefits

With the cloud being the hosting platform of choice for companies, the digitalization of IT operations is becoming increasingly common. Our IT operations management approach allows us to seamlessly integrate heterogeneous hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructures, offering a range of tangible benefits to your business.

  • Optimized operations expenditure – Despite the inherent complexity of hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructures, ITOM platforms like Concierto.Cloud and ServiceNow allow us to centrally manage your network and reduce overspending on IT resources.

  • Simplify performance measurement – With a centralized ITOM management platform, you can improve visibility into IT performance against business objectives. By standardizing your operational data and presenting it through a unified management dashboard, you can quickly analyze key performance indicators (KPIs) and service level agreement (SLA) adherence across your network.

  • Improved stakeholder satisfaction – Both internal and external stakeholders expect reliable, better-IT experiences. Our IT operations managed services can help you achieve just that, leading to enhanced stakeholder satisfaction.

Orchestrating the transformation with Trianz

A move to the cloud requires a combination of expertise and software assistance to maximize its value. Our IT operations managed services combine our consulting teams' vast industry knowledge with industry-leading software tools, so you can deliver rich, seamless digital experiences for your stakeholders.

Get in touch with our IT operations management consulting team to learn how you can maximize the value of your digital transformation in the cloud today!

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