A data-driven approach to transformation strategy

A deep analysis of data from over 9,000 business and IT leaders from various industries makes one thing clear: the digital transformation of a company, a business, or an IT function can neither be based on grand visions nor expert opinions. It must be based on data related to customers, technologies, competitors, peers, and best practices.

We possess data on digital transformations and understand what separates the 7% of companies and leaders who are succeeding. Our approach combines an analysis of your benchmarking results with best practices from successful companies. We are in a unique position help you shape your products/service value propositions, and to deliver endearing experiences to all stakeholders.

Our business transformation strategy services

Our Strategy and Digital Studios teams work together to deliver the following to clients.

  • Service Transformation Strategy: Reimagining services and value to customers, shaping buyer journey maps, and conceptualizing technology platforms for service delivery.

  • Customer Experience Transformation Strategy: Mapping and conceptualization of customer experience from prospecting to purchase to usage to renewal of relationships.

  • Internal Experience Transformation Strategy: Treating employees as internal customers and reimagining business processes to deliver unique experiences just as you would for external customers.

Our digital technology strategy services

Modernizing the core technology pillars that will power your digital transformation: Enterprise Analytics, Digital IT (formerly Applications IT), Cloud Infrastructure & Cyber-Security platforms, engineering and support processes, organizations, and KPIs.

Our assets for strategy development

There are a number of assets we bring to bear in developing your transformation strategy and priorities.

  • Over 1.5 million datapoints from 18 industries to benchmark your organization against global peers and industry competitors.

  • Global, Industry, and Role-specific digital transformation reports, data and insights to drive awareness, convergence, and collaboration

  • Teams with deep industry experience and business or technology domain experience essential for leveraging the insights from our research reports or your benchmarking results.

  • Years of experience and a top-notch rating in technologies that drive digital transformations—such as Analytics, Process Digitalization, Cloud Infrastructure, and Cyber-Security.

  • Post-digital KPIs that help you visualize where you need to be even before you start.

Our strategies produce results

Every strategy engagement is triggered by a crisis, a challenge, or a huge opportunity. We produce practical, implementable, and well-thought out strategies free of clichés and jargon. We bring the ground experience and not just theory on what works and what doesn’t, based on our strong digital technology practices. We are almost always engaged to execute strategy and deliver the capabilities, modernization, or reinvention that said strategy promises.

Our approach is ruthlessly focused on results—a key dimension we measure ourselves on is “business impact delivered.” For four consecutive years, we have been rated #1 for business impact, predictability of delivery, and relationships by a client base largely made up of Forbes Global 2000 companies.

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