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Only 7% of companies that invest in digital transformation deliver on expectations. Trianz Research data will tell you why.

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Every industry is changing at a pace beyond the expertise of external firms and consultants. Trianz Research Global Transformation Study shows that every industry will experience a near 100% change in the next 5 to 10 years. Recommendations from consultants or ‘expert’ analysts, who take 6 - 9 months to make assessments run the risk of becoming obsolete, incomplete or misleading, even before they are implemented. All this can result in delays or set the wrong direction for your digital transformation (DT).

The Trianz Research DT database of 1.5 million data points provides exclusive, objective and DT-focused insights that can remove biases, guesswork and assumptions from your strategic DT planning. Develop your vision, strategy, roadmap and measurement with data, not opinions.

User Feedback and Smarter IT Investments

Trianz Research digital transformation study

Trianz Research has conducted extensive industry and role-based surveys and interviews with more than 9,000 IT and business decision-makers in 16 functional roles in 18 industries, resulting in an extensive Global Transformation Study. We’ve leveraged 1.5 million statistically modeled data points to generate role-based insights for every business function in the enterprise.


unique companies

Respondents represent more than 5,000 companies worldwide of all sizes—small businesses, medium businesses, emerging and large enterprises.


business and IT roles

Roles span CIOs and leaders of IT analytics, cloud infrastructure, digital apps IT, cybersecurity, CEOs, R&D, marketing, sales, HR, finance and more.


countries and regions

Represented areas include North America, South America, UK, EU, Middle East, Africa, APAC, Australia and New Zealand.

We collected respondents’ perspectives of digital transformations—from vision, strategy, priorities, implementation, technologies and change management. Sample survey topics include:

  • Definition and role of digital transformation by functional role

  • Strategy and process for digital transformation initiatives

  • Digital transformation maturity by role and sub-functions

  • Technology investments and future priorities in digital transformation by function

  • Workforce readiness and training

  • Leadership and culture of change

User Feedback and Smarter IT Investments

Transform with a data-driven GPS

Trianz Research analyses show that DT of an individual function and the enterprise is a multi-year effort. Much like a long, cross-country drive, the DT game begins with first knowing the terrain. Knowing where you are, setting your destination and selecting the route is the next step. Tracking key milestones along the way and realigning will ultimately help you get there.

Just as a GPS helps you drive in an unknown landscape, Trianz Research Global Transformation Study helps you set your goals, drive and reach your DT destination.

User Feedback and Smarter IT Investments

The State of Digital Transformations 2020

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