What is Competitive Digital Benchmarking?

Pioneers in digital transformation are ahead because they were the first to take risks, experiment, invest ahead and iterate several times before getting the transformation process right.

The challenge for companies that are just beginning their digital journey is understanding what to prioritize so that they correctly deploy their financial and people resources within a window of opportunity that is rapidly shrinking.

Digital Enterprise Evolution Model™


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Benchmarking is a survey driven process by which we help clients measure their competitive positioning on the digital continuum by comparing their capabilities quantitatively against peer companies within the industry and the best across the globe.

Benchmarking of digital maturity across business model, business processes and technology portfolios in absolute and competitive terms provides insights which will help in strategic prioritization and allocation of resources in a time of rapid change and challenging constraints.

Our Digital Benchmarking Data & Research Capabilities

Our benchmarking services are powered by one of the world’s largest databases with over 1.5 million datapoints collected from 5,000+ companies. The Trasers database has data spanning digital transformation definitions, status, visions, strategies, technology investments, SW platforms, leadership, and organizational change.

Reports based on data collected from thousands of Business and IT decision makers globally

Digital Transformation Data Digital Transformation Data

Source: Trasers

In addition to this large and growing database, Trasers has access to leaders across more than 40,000 companies from various industries, size segments and geographies around the world. We use data for custom research that addresses company and industry specific questions.

All transformations are competitive. Benchmarking is your key to staying ahead of the game. By showing where you stand today, benchmarking ensures you prioritize correctly for a better tomorrow.

Know Your Competitive Digital Maturity Within Weeks

Our benchmarking process is a combination of digitally collected data and interviews with leaders in your organization. In addition, we partner with you to identify global peers and best in class against whom you would like to benchmark. Data is entered into the Trasers repository and analyzed in comparison to peer companies and leaders across industries. For a business or an IT function, our end to end process from data collection to conducting personalized workshops takes 6-10 weeks depending on the size and complexity of your organization.

Benchmarking Engagement Approach & General Timelines

Know your digital maturity within weeks

Source: Trasers

Benchmarking provides you with insights on your maturity on a standalone basis and competitive gaps at a sub-function and at an overall level in the following areas

Process digitalization

Process Digitalization

Data & analytics

Data & Analytics

Applications portfolio

Applications Portfolio

Cloud Adoption

Cloud Adoption

Advanced technologies

Advanced technologies- AI, ML, Automation, VR, IoT, Robotics, etc.

Training and Change Management

Training & Change Management

Organizational Models

Organizational Models

Prioritize Your Transformations Confidently with Insights from Competitive Digital Benchmarking

Every financial resource, every team and everyday matters in today’s environment and it is critical to get things right the first time because failure isn’t about sunk costs- it is a lost window of opportunity from which a company may never recover. Our data shows that 40% of companies may not even survive this decade of disruption.

Successful companies or digital champions are data driven- almost all of them use insights from data to prioritize their digital transformations. Benchmarking helps you determine your current digital maturity across product and service portfolios, value chains, IT, and organizational models. Get clarity on the gap between you and your competition, develop your vision and strategic priorities to catch up or leap ahead.

Our teams then help clients through tailored workshops and rapid, iterative sessions to develop transformation blueprints, roadmaps, business cases and ROI analyses to transition quickly into action.

Use of Data and Analytics by Digital Champions

Use of Data and Analytics by Digital Champions

Source: Trasers


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