Data lakes are replacing data warehousing due to flexibility and power

According to research firm Aberdeen, organizations that have moved to data lakes outperform similar companies by nine percent in organic revenue growth. Competitive advantage comes from a data lake’s ability to:

  • Leverage all your corporate data - Data lakes in the cloud let you input all corporate data from all locations and sources, easily and securely. By relating previously unrelated information, you can develop insights faster and more accurately than ever.

  • Feed your machine learning - Pairing inexpensive and scalable cloud storage with cloud processing gives machine learning algorithms the juice they need to comprehensively analyze all your data. With an instant scale, no AI process will ever go hungry when crunching through even the most complex information.

  • Preserve your raw data for future analysis - By storing data natively in a cloud-based data lake, you preserve the raw format of that information for future analysis by different and more powerful tools, as well as comply with various legal and regulatory obligations.

  • Cost savings - The scale at which the cloud service providers operate, compute power and storage becomes a far cheaper commodity than your company could ever make internally. That affordability creates a virtuous circle, letting you store more and more raw data, for more and more complex analytics.

  • High availability and disaster recovery - The nature of the cloud is of global redundancy. Operating in clusters run by companies dedicated to up-time and worldwide access, you never have to worry about data going missing or about users being unable to access it.

What is Data Lake vs Data Warehouse

Get usable insights fast. The challenge isn’t storing the data, it’s the analysis –

We know that data is coming from everywhere:

  • Server log files

  • Clickstream data

  • Social media interactions

  • Internet of Things devices

The challenge isn’t about storing the data – it’s pulling actionable trend lines and reporting in a useful time frame. To do that, you need to integrate it all and keep it in a coherent pool, which is easily accessible by advanced processing tools. It can take years and millions of dollars to put that kind of platform together on your own.

This is a key differentiator when comparing data lakes versus data warehouses. We can show you how to use Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) to store and power your data lake, and take your data analysis to the next level.

Data Lake Concept

Data lakes vs. data warehouses: Take your data analysis to the next level

Benefits of using AWS for data lakes

AWS is a pioneer and leader in cloud services. As an AWS Service Advanced Partner, Trianz brings deep experience and established contacts to facilitate a smooth data lake project for you.

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Enjoy a proven track record

Amazon Data Lakes integrate with the company’s proven S3 storage services on the backend, delivering high availability and reliability.

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Take advantage of a machine learning powerhouse

More machine learning happens on AWS than any other platform in the world, with more than 10,000 customers relying on it. That means you get the most advanced algorithms and the most comprehensive support.

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World-class security and compliance

Since AWS and Trianz have touchpoints in every industry vertical, the security and regulatory compliance you get are world-class. We deal in standards including:

  • ISO27001

  • FedRAMP

  • DoD SRG


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Diverse analytics portfolio

AWS data lakes also offer access to the most diverse analytics portfolios available, including:

  • Athena

  • Kinesis

  • Elasticsearch

  • Quicksight

We can bring your operation up to speed on AWS at industry-leading speed with minimal disruption to your overall business processes. Read our use cases and success stories to learn more.

Benefits of using Microsoft Azure for data lakes

We also cater to traditional Microsoft shops with our support for data lakes on Azure. With aggressive pricing and support, Microsoft makes it easy to integrate your current Windows/AD-based systems with Azure data lakes.

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Familiar tools with advanced database experts

Microsoft was a database powerhouse before it was popular, and we match their in-house expertise with insights for connecting or operating almost any data store in conjunction with an Azure data lake.

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Multiple format storage

Azure offers native format storage for almost any type of document or data, minimizing the disruption of conversion.

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Industry standard platforms

By leveraging industry-standard platforms like Hadoop and providing native integration with Azure Active Directory, Microsoft and Trianz can make connecting data lakes to your internal systems safe and smooth. You also get the ability to leverage the Cortana Intelligence Suite with:

  • HDInsight

  • Stream Analytics

  • Data Lake Analytics

  • Machine Learning

  • Power BI

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Browser based interface

A browser-based interface delivers the power of Azure to your users anywhere in the world that offers internet access.

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Wide variety of data inputs

Even Microsoft shops run non-Microsoft platforms, but Azure makes it easy to plug them into data lakes with over 70 supported data source connectors.

We are a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and Azure Managed Services Partner since 2015. Our experience and connections can help to transform your company with a data lake implementation on Azure.

Why Trianz?

We deliver key expertise in a new and exciting way to build data lakes in the cloud with two of the top cloud service providers in the world. Our consultants offer clear and constant communication, demonstrating our commitment to a technology-focused, business-forward approach.

To fast-track your cloud-based data lake in AWS or Azure, contact us today for a no-cost consultation.

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Our Success Stories


Our collaboration with Trianz has been a learning experience for us primarily in terms of accurately identifying short-term tactical wins and long-term strategic objectives. Trianz has delivered the required transformation successfully.

Director of Product Development

A Leading Provider Of Identity-Based Data Security Services

Partnering with Trianz has been very fruitful for us. The team took care of everything – from establishing a roadmap to structuring a ROI model.


Global Insurance Company

Partnering with Trianz proved to be beneficial for us in every way – right from achieving and tracking day-to-day deliverables, to complying with industry best practices.

Director, IT Operations

Payments Processing Major

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