Businesses across the world are acutely aware of the myriad threats today’s dynamic IT environment poses. That’s why they are undergoing digital transformation – 2to take advantage of sophisticated security imperatives to protect their assets and those of their customers on the cloud. Cloud security consulting services are all the rage today, with cloud security services providers like Trianz in high demand.

The cloud offers the benefits of agility, scalability, and flexibility when the environment is secure and data is protected. Cloud security providers, therefore, ensure they deploy cloud-based operations management tools to enhance IT architecture and operations, governance, risk and compliance security.

At Trianz, our cloud security experts and consultants believe there’s more to cloud security than the implementation of cloud security solutions. Instead, the focus is on crafting a comprehensive approach that combines a holistic security strategy with the best technologies, alongside governance, risk, and compliance to stay ahead of cyber threats.

The advantages you experience on partnering with us at Trianz, one of the most acknowledged cloud security vendors in the industry today, are:

  • Security and regulatory compliance
  • Organization-wide culture of risk awareness
  • Stronger compliance and audit results
  • Integrated GRC program and dashboard
  • Empowered senior management
  • Stronger EISA
  • Rapid adaptation for business agility
  • Organizational culture of innovation
  • Improved capacity to incorporate new regulations

Most cloud security companies will tell you why it is important to move to the cloud for better safety and security of data assets. Trianz, however, will provide blueprints that address your business needs and align with them to enhance and develop an organization-wide security culture. One that is designed to manage risks, while incorporating and scaling to enable newer technologies.

In fact, Trianz and other top-notch cloud security companies view migration to the cloud as a valuable opportunity for increased security analytics, enhanced monitoring and management, improved incident response, and for enabling unprecedented capabilities for automation. These activities make it easier to provide better support for securing hybrid architectures.

Trianz partners with industry best CSPs and a variety of IaaS, SaaS, PaaS, MaaS, and other service providers to support the latest technologies for securing cloud and hybrid environments. An arrangement that is very much in sync with how leading cloud security companies approach the issue.