Deliver actionable insights with real-time analytics on the cloud

In all probability, you are seeking effective ways to manage the voluminous data you’re generating – just like other businesses operating in today’s digital world. Cloud-based analytics business intelligence can help you do this, and much more. However, your cloud analytics company of choice must be able to help you simultaneously gain a better understanding of your clients, increase your sales effectiveness, and streamline your operations.

At Trianz, our cloud consultants specialize in extracting real-time, actionable insights from your data by leveraging our cloud-based data analytics services. Cloud infrastructure offers vast opportunities to design efficient operations from the ground up. Running analytics on a cloud environment helps you rapidly set up, pilot, test, and evaluate use cases before launching production systems. As a result, you are able to offer innovative options to your clients at competitive costs.

Does all of this sound complicated? At Trianz, it is our business to uncomplicate the process. From stringently assessing the availability, usability, integrity, and security of data; to evaluating tools, platforms, and architecture; to estimating the migration effort and making recommendations for cloud platform, change management, and training – we do it all.

The benefits you experience by partnering with Trianz include:

  • Being able to establish measurable goals
  • Significantly lower cost of ownership
  • Access to flexible and scalable platform(s)
  • Faster time to value
  • Rapid prototyping and rollout
  • Anytime, anywhere access

Cloud analytics services are witnessing steadily escalating user adoption rates today. With Trianz working with you every step of the way, leveraging these services for strategic business advantage is that much easier.