99% of our Managed Service engagements were renewed in 2019, and the reason is simple: We are rated #1 in business impact and predictability by our clients.

How We Define Managed Services

As we see it, managed services revolve around one strategic principle: you focus on the “core” and we’ll focus on the “context.” The “core” agenda or challenge for you is to drive business transformation by using digital technologies. Obviously, it is not possible for you to do that very well if your teams are bogged down by operations.

Still, the context must be managed flawlessly to give you the peace of mind needed to focus on transformation. Clients choose us as a partner to either replace a legacy “vendor” who is unable to evolve out of a traditional “maintenance” mindset, or to engage us during implementation cycles and continue with managed services.

Why Traditional Vendors Don’t Fit in the Digital Context

Managed Services in the new context requires thinking, business knowledge, curiosity, and a goal to drive modernization, automation, and efficiency. Traditional vendors and models view Managed Services as a time and material use of labor based on service level agreements that come from clients. Traditional vendors will likely choose not to migrate from their current models as automation results in lesser headcount and fees.

Trianz Managed Services are focused on transforming your operations, introducing modern techniques such as AIOps, proactive and preventive monitoring, modernization, and automation to reduce your spend. We do this through pre-determined goalsetting with clients, use of multi-disciplinary models, reusable IP, and high levels of automation.

90% of Trianz Managed Services are on a fixed fee basis.

The Impact That Trianz Managed Services Deliver—Year After Year

99% of our Managed Service engagements are renewed every year for reasons that are straightforward to our clients: We deliver:

  • Modernization through automation that results in higher velocity, throughput, and less reliance on manpower

  • Proactive and preventive measures that follow a “fix once, follow everywhere” model to continuously reduce support incidents, resulting in cost reduction and higher user satisfaction.

  • Collapse of processes and proactive sunsetting of applications while preserving business IP. This results in a reduction of the number of applications managed.

  • An overall reduction in application management expenses for you to invest in new initiatives

Why We Are Rated #1 by Our Clients

We measure our value to clients across 3 dimensions:

  • business impact from the digital initiatives we partner on

  • predictability in execution during this time of uncertainty

  • the customer experience with us as their partner

Our Managed Services provide not just peace of mind, but also free up capital for investments in new transformational initiatives.

For four consecutive years, Trianz has been rated #1 in all three dimensions. In 2019, 95% of our engagements were delivered on target and on time. Our Net Promoter Score—i.e., the % of clients willing to re-engage or refer us—is at 89%, and over 99% of our managed services engagements were renewed.

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