What does the transformation of Sales Operations mean?

Sales Operations is the lynchpin between Marketing, Sales, Service and Finance and it has to be positioned to drive one thing in the digital economy- predictable and profitable growth. In a global study covering digital transformation across 20 industries, we asked over 600 leaders in Service management ‘what does digital transformation mean to your organization?

52% of respondents said digital transformations means sharing more information about their products or services through better websites and portals. Less than half of the group talked about integrating the entire sales process to enable commerce transactions smoothly or completely reinvent it.

Perceptions of Sales Operations Transformation - All Companies


Source: Trasers


The digital transformation of Sales operations begins with a seamless, real-time integration of product and service catalogues with value articulation, pricing, availability and an easy buying process.

It extends into enabling the digital and physical sales forces with the knowledge, applications and tools to collaborate effectively to drive growth.

Finally, it is about real-time integration of all sales data for continuous analysis of customer, product/service and channel data to predict sales, monitor performance, adjust dynamically and prioritize new capabilities that lead to sales improvements.quote

We understand the continuum of digitalized Sales ops and we will help you evolve into an integrated, KPI driven and predictive operation.

Digital Enterprise Evolution Model™ - Sales Operations

Sales Evolution Curve

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Successful organizations don’t just build great products and services- they enable customers to buy them easily- again and again and refer them to others. Great sales organizations also operate like a well-oiled machine with process digitalization and integration from the back-end to front end. And finally, successful organizations understand they are part of a chain-link that begins with Marketing, extends into Service and provides feedback to R&D/Product Innovation.

These are the core transformation themes in which Trianz partners with clients in Sales operations.


Focus on Marketing, Sales, Service Integration Process Integration

It is all about presenting ‘one-stop’, easy and high velocity experience to customers. Tools and processes such as lead to opportunity, quote to order, product to service conversion etc. must be seamlessly integrated for customers and the sales organization itself.


Create Fully Integrated Delivery Value Chains

In the digital economy, Customers need to know when a product or service is delivered during the buying process. This makes the integration of last mile fulfilment providers essential within the sales process to drive customer buying decisions.


Promote a Predictive, Data-driven Sales Culture

Analytics are the backbone of successful digital transformations. Invest in Revenue, Customer, Channel, Product, Service and Performance analytics to predict where sales are headed and the influencing factors.


Create an Adaptive Sales Organization

We are in the early stages of digital transformation- so creating flexible digital-physical territories, channels and organizations is essential until data tells you what is working and what isn’t.


Share Data with Marketing and R&D/Innovation

Successful businesses iterate continuously. It is critical to share Customer, Product, Service and Competitor data with these two functions to drive improvements and value differentiation. 


Our Sales Ops Transformation Services

Our Sales operations digitalization practice focuses on select areas to help drive successful transformations.

Sales Digital Benchmarking & Strategy

  • Competitive Benchmarking of Sales Ops Digital Capabilities

  • Sales Ops Transformation Strategy & Roadmap

Sales Process Digitalization

  • Design and Implementation of Processes that Integrate Marketing, Sales, Service, Finance and Product Development

  • Custom/Specialized Sales Ops Process Design & Integration

Sales Analytics & Post-digital KPI Frameworks

  • Real-time and Predictive Sales Ops Analytics and Dashboard

  • Design and Deployment of Post-digital Sales KPI Frameworks

Our Sales Ops Technology Services

Corresponding with Sales Operations transformation consulting and advisory services, Trianz provides technology services in the following areas.

Sales Applications Modernization

  • User Journey Mapping, UX & UI Design and Re-architecture of Legacy Sales Applications

  • IOS and Android Apps

Sales Applications Integration, Automation & AI

  • Implementation & Integration of SFDC, SAP, Oracle, ServiceNow, Siebel CRM with Sales Ops Apps

  • Sales Automation (RPA) & AI

Sales Analytics Implementation

  • Sales Data Management, MDM, Governance, Data Warehouses and Analytics on Cloud

Cloud Migration of Sales Data & Applications

  • Migration of Sales Data and Applications to AWS, Azure or Google Cloud

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