Why AWS Athena and Trianz?

Featuring joint IP development and partnership for the Athena product line.


Trianz and AWS Athena — Digitally Transforming the Future of Analytics

Trianz is among a handful of partners to build on the new Athena Federated Query (AFQ) Extensions from AWS. With 1000+ AWS Cloud accreditations and 500+ AWS Certifications, Trianz has expertise in some of the most complex and value-creating AWS programs in the world.

Our pre-built AFQ connectors were created in collaboration with the AWS Athena product team to service hybrid and multi-cloud sources. Combining technology and scalability, we help our clients rapidly turn innovative ideas into business value.

Trianz’ AWS Cloud Competency Journey

DevOps Competency

Our AWS DevOps Competency status demonstrates Trianz’s ability to provide focused continuous integration and continuous delivery, monitoring, logging and performance management, and infrastructure as code services.

To receive the designation, consultancies must undergo rigorous technical validation related to DevOps, as well as an assessment of the security, performance, and reliability of their Amazon Web Services (AWS) solutions.

DevOps Competency

Our Leading Edge AWS Competencies and Solutions

Trianz plays a significant role in the AWS ecosystem by delivering business value and differentiated services to our global clients.

Our Leading Edge AWS Competencies and Solutions

Harness the Power of Your Data with AWS Athena and Trianz AFQ Connectors

With the launch of our federated data solution, we have expanded our technology services portfolio to provide organizations with a transformative solution that offers not only quick, ad-hoc querying but also handle large, complex analysis of data — no matter where it resides.

Utilizing the combined Trianz and AWS AFQ Connector Library, we can map and query any cloud or enterprise data source to increase business value, improve your bottom line, enhance security, and speed up your enterprises digital transformation.

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