What is the next generation of Marketing transformation?

Marketing has been the pioneer of digital transformation beginning with modern websites a decade ago to apps, delivering better experiences and digital marketing to customers. Today, all these aspects have become par for the course and a great website or email marketing no longer differentiate companies in any way. 

Marketing therefore has to become the voice of the customer- relaying their needs to help reinvent products and then articulate the value of new products and services effectively. Unless customers perceive and accept the relevance of your offerings, it doesn’t matter what else you do.

quoteMarketing transformation begins with a sharply coherent message about the company’s products, services and value and positioning it consistently across channels.

It extends to iterative customer engagement from the beginning of their journey to sales and service and return to marketing.

Finally, Marketing drives ‘total customer centricity’ amongst R&D, Sales, Service and Finance and leads a redefinition of value and experience aligned with customer views and spending priorities in the digital context.quote

We will help evolve your Marketing operations value chain evolve to drive customer centricity across the company

Digital Enterprise Evolution Model™ - Marketing Operations

Marketing Evolution Curve

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Marketing capabilities such as great websites, engaging content, catalogues and commerce tools and campaigns that lead your customers to sales and services, are essential in the digital economy.

Leading edge Marketing functions however, are taking things to the next level. They own the analysis and understanding of customer behavior and expectations across all phases of their engagement; they use the power of analytics and collaborate with R&D, Sales and Services functions. Here are the themes to focus on.


Integrated Marketing

The infrastructure behind your web-presence is mission critical. Integrating your backend engines for content, catalogues, pricing, campaigns with target customers and presenting a unified, dynamic, consistent and coherent messaging is what drives high quality traffic to your site.


Engaging Sites and Content

It is not about building a site that looks cool to you but looks cool to customers and influencers. Sites need to be sharp from a modern user experience perspective and also deliver easy to read, coherent and meaningful content. Content that articulates your value and resonates with customers instantly.


Seamless Commerce Experiences

Marketing, Sales and Services may be separate functions inside the company but for the customer- it is one online store. Ensuring catalogues, pricing and discounts are current and well- presented is fundamental. Easy and quick navigation that provides assurance in commerce transactions converts customers and the follow through messaging is what makes experiences great.



While there is a much-needed emphasis on tracking the effectiveness of spend, the most successful Marketing functions are data driven. They study every aspect of customers, channels, partners, products, services, campaigns competitors and relevant technologies to get into virtuous cycles of effectiveness. As data is continuously analysed- the next iterations improve capabilities ultimately generating results.


Voice of the Customer & Value Reinvention

Given the fatality rate due to digital disruptions, reinventing the value proposition of a company and its products or services has become a survival issue. A large percentage of companies do not even have a formal R&D/Product Innovation function Marketing has to assume the mantle of reimagining value from a customer’s point of view and collaboratively with R&D, Sales, Services.

Trianz has over 1.5M data points on digital transformation across industries - We bring a
data-driven approach to Marketing operations transformation

Trianz has invested in creating Trasers(Trianz Research), one of the world’s largest databases on digital transformations with data from over 5,000 plus companies from 20 industries. We have spoken to more than 550 leaders in Marketing to understand what transformations truly mean. As such we know where industries and companies within are in the continuum of transformations.

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State of Marketing Transformations


Our Marketing Ops Transformation Services

Our Marketing practice is highly specialized and focused on helping Finance leaders in the transformation of their operations. Our services are as follows.

Marketing Digital Benchmarking & Strategy

Marketing Integration

Marketing Analytics & Post-digital KPI Frameworks

Our Marketing Ops Technology Services

Corresponding with above Marketing transformation consulting and advisory services, Trianz provides technology services in the following domains.

Marketing Applications Modernization

Marketing Applications Integration, Automation & AI

  • Integration of Oracle, Peoplesoft, SAP, Infor Financials with Marketing, Sales, Service, Manufacturing, Procurement and Supply Chain

Marketing Analytics Implementation

  • Enterprise Financial Data Management, Governance and Dashboards/Visualization on Oracle, SAP HANA, Power BI, Looker, Tableau, Qlik

Cloud Migration of Marketing Data & Applications

  • Migration of Finance, Legal, Procurement Applications and Data to AWS, Azure or Google Cloud

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