With the risk of cyber attacks at an all-time high, it is not surprisingly to see Information Security  evolving into a board-level imperative to ensure the safety of an organization’s sensitive data. The toughest part of the challenge, however, is for the C-suite to secure an ever-expanding set of assets generated from multiple applications, data sources, and an exponentially increasing number of endpoints and users. That said, the risk quantum increases manifold when these assets are encompassed in private, public, and hybrid architectures.

Security Intelligence Alliance

Trianz is committed to developing secure information technology strategies in keeping with the industry’s best guidelines, techniques, and technologies that support highly secure engagements.

Trianz helps you mitigate risks and achieve security compliance by protecting data and IT assets on-premises and on the cloud, delivering secure enterprise architecture that complies with PCI and HIPAA standards, and integrating automation into GRC programs to streamline security operations. The intent is to manage and overcome vulnerabilities, in addition to security operations and policy management lapses/ gaps. Implementing a comprehensive security incident and event management (SIEM) on the cloud and on-premises is the final objective.

Our partnerships with some of the world’s most renowned security solution providers -- Allgress, AWS, Bracket Computing, Darktrace, Informatica Secure@Source, Microsoft, ServiceNow, and Splunk -- have helped us improve data-centric security for our clients, apart from helping them achieve regulatory and privacy requirements to build customer trust.