Take the Complexity out of Cloud with AWS Managed Services

Cloud technologies are transforming businesses at a truly staggering rate. Many firms are locked in a tight race with their competitors to keep up with the latest advances and remain competitive within the marketplace. AWS cloud services is a popular platform that offers the full resources of the cloud to host any number of business solutions.

AWS managed service partners work to take the complexity and time-consuming learning out of the equation, operating AWS technologies on your behalf. Their goal is to apply the knowledge and experience required to operate to your service requirements. Providers focus their cloud knowledge on providing optimized solutions and infrastructure management, ensuring your organization operates to its maximum potential using cloud resources.

The benefits of an AWS managed partner is the ability to lean on expert knowledge in an instant to improve security and compliance, remove barriers to deployment, and accelerate service migration. Simply put, such experts make getting to the cloud more manageable, smoother, and less resource-intensive. The ability to unburden your firm from infrastructure and move effortlessly into the cloud has the power to move your business forward at an accelerated rate.

Partners provide complete product life cycle services to prepare, run, and support your infrastructure. One of the most effective changes a service partner can help implement is the automation of everyday activities such as:

  • Change requests
  • Systems and network monitoring
  • Live patch management
  • Security services
  • System backups

How AWS Managed Service Partners Work

An AWS managed partner works backwards, starting from your goals and requirements to create a full-service solution that implements precisely the systems you need. As with any complex solution, the needs of the organization should always dictate the technologies used rather than the inverse.

While migrating your workloads to AWS, the number one priority is to ensure your solution is fully refactored to operate in a new environment. Careful planning, implementation, and control provides a production-ready solution that achieves operational security and compliance.

Skilled experience and world-class expertise in AWS ensure your environment meets the requirements of your business. This ensures your AWS platform has a stable base to build from in the future, allowing your organization freedom to grow in size and capability.

Advantages to AWS Managed Services

In today’s increasingly regulated environment, an AWS managed partner can employ tools such as compliance certification mapping to help enforce your corporate and security infrastructure policies. The knowledge and experience leveraged by AWS managed service partners provides safety and reliability in your AWS solution.

Solutions fully compliant with:

  • GDPR
  • SOC
  • NIST
  • ISO
  • PCI

An effective partner should demonstrate their ability to improve your organization’s operations team to support your firm’s operating model of cloud deployment. The end goal of moving your organization’s operations to the cloud is to leave behind the costs of infrastructure management in favor of a single point solution that produces strong outcomes.

The wealth of experience employed by providers of AWS managed services allows many enterprises to be up and running within a matter of days. Where conventional migrations would typically take weeks and months, a managed partner can migrate dozens of workloads in the same amount of time.

Practical benefits of an AWS managed service partner include:

  • Improved security
  • Stronger regulatory compliance
  • A reduction in overall operating costs
  • Simplified management solutions
  • Creating frictionless innovation

The ability for organizations to focus on their key skills and core competencies has been a major driver in the market. Many have found that their ability to compete and create new opportunities within their field have increased exponentially as a direct result of freeing up time otherwise spent on low-level infrastructure.

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