In the pre-digital days, it was normal for companies to make decisions based on misinformation, grand visions, so-called expert opinions and confirmation bias. Lessons were learned the hard way via trial and error; or worse, the wrong way via unscientific and incomprehensive market research. Today, we are lucky to have truth in the form of data as well as powerful machines capable of processing such data. But how many companies are properly leveraging this modern goldmine in the form of strategy?

A data-driven approach to the transformation strategy

The digital transformation of a company, business or IT function must be based on data related to customers, technologies, competitors, peers and best practices. Trianz possesses over 1.5 million data points, harvested via exhaustive studies on the subject, that paint a clear picture of why only 7% of companies succeed in their digital transformation initiatives.

Our data combined with your benchmarking results against the proven best practices of successful companies give shape to a perfectly tailored strategy and roadmap that only works for you. This puts Trianz in a unique position to help you shape your product/service value propositions and to deliver endearing experiences to all stakeholders.

Our assets for strategy development

Our Strategy and Benchmarking teams will collaborate to spin your data into meaningful research reports and insights to drive awareness, convergence and collaboration. Our experts have deep industry experience in both business and technology domains and are adept at leveraging technologies such as Analytics, Process Digitalization, Cloud Infrastructure and Cybersecurity to establish their strategic approach. Moreover, they will lean on post-digital KPIs to help you visualize where you need to be even before you start.

Our strategies produce results

Our teams will produce practical, implementable and well-thought-out strategies free of clichés and jargon. Our approach is ruthlessly focused on results - a key dimension we measure ourselves on is “business impact delivered.

The final piece of the puzzle will be when we translate your finalized strategy into action with a plan that is agile and executable: what we call Digital Initiative Execution Roadmaps. We believe in a predictive methodology that assures predetermined results through a unique business-IT collaboration model and an iterative approach.

To accomplish this, we use Compass One, a service delivery methodology that helps clients leverage data, break down each initiative into well-prioritized phases, set KPI level outcome objectives and execute in an agile and iterative manner.

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