Keep your remote workforce productive and secure with Trianz Endpoint Management Services

The rapid expansion of remote employees has IT departments straining to maintain security, productivity and quality across the workforce. To enable your teams to transition smoothly, Trianz offers its services with focus on three key areas crucial to every digital workplace:

  • Virtual Workspace

  • Employee Productivity and Collaboration

  • Enhanced Security

We know time is of the essence in these unpredictable circumstances. Our teams are ready to intervene quickly and tailor solutions on the fly according to your rapidly accelerating needs.

In a time of crisis, when you can’t afford to misspend or misstep, you are looking for reliable service partners you can count on. Our track record, supporting Fortune 500 companies across industries and continents for the past decade-plus, speaks for itself.

Comprehensive Remote Workplace Services from Trianz

Not only do we have the expertise and experience you are looking for, but we also offer a wide range of services to help you put it to use. We cover every possible scenario for the remote workplace with services such as:

  • Building a virtual workspace solution - Building and operating corporate-wide virtual desktops via Citrix/VMWare platforms to allow users to connect remotely and securely to virtual workspaces completely managed by the IT department, offering each user safe and standardized desktop experience.

  • Delivering effective enterprise collaboration - Deploy tools such as MS Teams, Office 365, Zoom and Slack to offer effective communication and collaboration between coworkers, including document sharing, presentations, conferencing, and more.

  • Secure remote connectivity points - Iron-clad VPN (Virtual Private Network) solutions from Sophos, Global Protect, ZScalar and others to ensure that all sensitive traffic between remote users and your internal systems is end-to-end encrypted using the latest cryptographic and authentication standards.

  • Hardened endpoint security solutions – To maintain the sanctity of corporate data, we offer solutions that enforce security policies on end-user devices to avoid the leak or loss of important, protected corporate or client data.

  • Timely OS and application patching services - Security demands rapid and large-scale patching of remote applications and devices, as well as the prompt removal of EOL (End-of-Life) software from endpoints. The frequent rollout of patches through patching services protects every endpoint from vulnerabilities.

  • Self-service for the remote workplace - Taking the load off IT staff and empowering end-users is the goal with self-service capabilities that auto-provision software, reduce cycle time and improve productivity at every level in the organization.

  • Track and report effectiveness of remote workforce - Monitoring user patterns and reporting login/logout and uptime statistics helps your IT department stay on top of developing remote workforce issues, as well as offer managers a powerful tool to increase workplace efficiency.

Whether you need help with a mix and match of services or one-stop-shopping for your complete remote workplace environment, we have the solutions to cover every eventuality your organization may face in these times.

Trianz delivers the tools and expertise to effectively service your remote workplace

Trianz has in-depth experience and offers some of the most effective tools on the market today to manage your remote workplace. We have consultants who have hands-on expertise in each industry vertical and are capable of overcoming challenges such as:

  • Security

  • Regulatory compliance issues

  • Training

  • Virtual collaboration

  • Limited-connectivity scenarios

We also have the right partner relationships to make your remote workplace implementations smooth and error-free.

Why Trianz?

Trianz simplifies digital evolutions with effective strategies and excellence in execution. We adopt a collaborative, communicative approach that involves everyone from business leaders to endpoint users at each step in our consulting and implementation.

That kind of involvement is what enables our attention to detail, with every migration and rollout plan calculated down to the last factor. And we go wide, ensuring that those factors incorporate your business goals, organizational structure and daily deliverables from staff.

We have delivered seamless work solutions across virtual, physical and connected environments, enabling users to be creative and productive, no matter where they are located.

Plus, managing a digital workplace is nothing new to us. We have been doing it for years with our own global teams. Call us for a free consultation and start your company on the path to a safer, more efficient, more productive remote workforce today.

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Our Success Stories


Trianz knew exactly what to do in terms of streamlining our incident and service request management process. The way Trianz provided for better, more efficient API-based interaction was exceptional.

VP of Operations

A Large Payment Processing Network Operator

It was outstanding – Trianz setting up a managed services center to support our IT infrastructure on AWS, thereby proactively and reactively addressing and resolving issues.

Senior Director, Business Automation

Retail Major

Partnering with Trianz has proved to be a one-of-its-kind experience. Especially because of it not compromising on its mandate of following industry best practices.

Director – Technology

A Leading School District In US


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