Modern day enterprises like yours understand the importance of transforming digitally. And most would agree transitioning to the cloud is a critical factor to achieving digital transformation. Unfortunately,  many have yet to make the leap to the cloud, even though application migration and modernization services are available for the taking – anytime, anywhere.

Selecting the right application migration consultant is not as easy as it sounds or seems. The primary challenges include determining the right migration approach, the migration sequence, and most importantly, the security of the migrated application. Additionally, most being-migrated applications are part of a large connected ecosystem. This leads to datasets being distributed between captive DCs and the public cloud.

Trianz’ App Migration Consultants have developed a structured framework for moving applications to the cloud successfully – one that assesses critical factors and options, creates a sequential plan, and develops a clear migration roadmap. There are multiple application migration approaches we follow. For instance, lift and shift, re-architecture or transform to fit the hybrid cloud environment, and so on. Our application migration strategy, and subsequent approach, considers a set of parameters to determine the following:

  • Cloud readiness
  • Application release cycles
  • Application platform and architecture
  • Security, integration and risk

The benefits you enjoy include:

  • Better IT Infrastructure versus legacy application platforms
  • Reduced costs and time to market
  • Increased speed, scalability and flexibility
  • Improved customer reach and intimacy
  • Better business agility and a boost to innovation

Trianz orchestrates this transformation by leveraging our multidisciplinary teams’ vast technical and business experience. Our holistic, big picture approach results in strategic initiatives, often over delivering in terms of business results, while meeting the traditional project metrics of migrating applications to the cloud.

We not only help reduce the overall time involved, but also improve business productivity and efficiency.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your specific needs. We’re here to help!